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About The Pettiford Family of North Carolina - Past & Present
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Welcome to the History of the Pettiford Family of North Carolina.
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Also please use the "Relationship Tool" above under the "People" section to understand connections with 
various relatives. If you don't see a connection, don't 
worry, this is a work in progress database and it is not yet complete, keep checking back.

Susan Hall researched Pettiford ancestry for over 20 years. She was the granddaughter of the late Mary 
Louise Pettiford and R. Henry Hall Sr. of Queens Village, NY. My 
Pettiford ancestors migrated to Plymouth, NC from Halifax and Vance Counties, and Warrenton, NC in the 
mid-1800's, and further from Granville County, NC in the 1700's. They were classified as "Free-
Born African-Americans". 

Here is Our history:

On this site, most Pettifords from the Central NC area were classified as "Mulattos" 
often mixed with African-American and Native American Ancestry ( also there are some Pettifords of 
European and Australian descent also featured on the database) of tribes such as 
the "Lumbee" Tribe, the "Nansemond" Tribe and the "Tuscarora" Native American Tribes. 
There were a lot of Pettifords' also in servitude or locked into Indentured Servitude until a certain 
period of time and then bound out and given their complete "Freedom". 
During the Pre-Antebellum periods, the Free Negro Codes of North Carolina were 
repealed, and a lot of "Free-Born" Blacks were forced back into servitude, and a lot 
of them left NC and migrated west to areas such as Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Canada, 
Illinois, Oklahoma, and other midwest US territories to avoid being institutionalized 
or re-institutionalized into the bonds of Slavery. Many Pettifords followed these 
migrations mid-west and also settled and established themselves in new areas around 
the United States of America besides NC and Va. Some of the Vital Records are 
available, and some of the following information has been passed down through many 
generations of the various Pettiford families across the nation who originate from 
North Carolina and of course some of the information is unavailable or missing or 
inconsistent because of the era of time of which we are researching.

The earliest evidence of "Free Born African American Ancestry" amongst the Pettifords 
begins with three "3" brothers in Granville County, NC:

1) Lawrence Pettiford - 1732
2) Lewis Pettiford - 1734
3) George Pettiford - 1736

On the following 
pages, you will find information on their history, their spouses and their 
descendants along with pictures, stories, family tree data and more of various family 
members that have their origin in Granville, Warren, Wake, Nash, Alamance, Carteret, 
Franklin, Orange, Stokes, 
Bertie, &  Washington Counties. This is the history and the story of many "Free Born" 
African American and Native American ancestors of the Pettiford family. The history 
has many different branches that spread from the East to the West Coast of the United 
States. This family tree database also includes members with many other surnames that married into the 
Pettiford Family and had many lineages of offspring. Many members 
have a variety of other surnames such as Armistead, Artis, Bass, Basnight, Billups, 
Boston, Burden, Bullock, Chavis, Crews, Doby, Dorsey, Evans, Faison, Gregory, Hall, 
Knight, Linyear, Morris, Norman, Parker, Perry, Pettiford, Pierce, Smith, Weaver, 
Webb, Wheelock, Wiggins, Wilson & many more. Many members of the Pettiford family 
inter-married into the Bass Family that descends from English ancestry and the Native 
American Indian tribe called, "Nansemond". The Nansemond Indian Tribe has its origins. Copyright@1999-
2010. All Rights Reserved. Property of Mega Pettiford 
Family Reunion Family Tree Book. - Author Susan Hall -

Add'l Data supplied by  & Special Thanks to:

Robert Jackson, Major Samuel E. Pettiford, Mauri Pettiford, 
Petrella Robinson, Ozzie Hayes, Charles Greene, Tony Roesser, Belinda Pettiford-
Brown, Lynda Pettiford Marcus, Geraldine Pettiford-Manley, Candace Henderson, Jill 
Gulston, Lisa Wood, Kay Kline, Leamond A. Allen,
Paulette Pettiford of Ohio, Wilberta Lankford, Cornelia Coverdale, Rachel Adonis, 
Rev. Samuel Smith, Reginald Doby, Renee Billups Dew, Francis Pettiford, Sylvia 
Robertson Hill, Randye Bullock, Randy Greene, Angela Pettiford King, Paulette 
Pettiford Brown, Nelda Webb, Charles Highbaugh, Barbara Jones, Brenda Pitts, Rejean 
Wilson, Earl Pettiford III, Robyn Hayes, Gloria Totten, Vanessa Pettiford Samuels, 
Taft Pettiford Sr., Tim Pettiford, Norma Johnson, Bobbie Jean Pettiford, Norman 
Alexander, Leonzo Pettiford, Joseph Pettiford Sr., Joseph Pettiford Jr., Yvette 
Pettiford of Florida, Yvonne Pettiford Maxwell, the late Gladys Pettiford 
Staplefoote  of Plymouth, NC, Savannah Doby, Joyce Peterson Coleman, Roy Lee 
Pettiford, Michael Pettiford, Greg Gaskin Phyllis Shurn-Hannah, Pat Thompson, 
Pastor John Henry Pettiford, Glynn Pettiford, Lafay Pettiford, Calvin James, George 
Linyear, Bill Linyear, Arthur Morris, Catherine Cross Hawley, Parril Pettiford, 
Vernon Pettiford, Eric Billups, Richard Hall Jr., Jacqueline Pettiford Graham of 
Plymouth, Shirley C. Washington of El Paso, Tx., Alfonso Sneed Sr, Sally Sneed-Harris,
Jahrod Pender, Raymond Pettiford III, Deborah Pettiford-Carver, Sallyanna Pettiford,
Donna Merritt, Joann Pettiford Brooker, Demetrice L. Pettiford, Teresa Hester-Sisco, 
Radkiah Johnson-Patterson, Akilah Pettiford, Selena Burwell, Reginald Crews, Christine Evans-Davis, 
Isaac Evans Jr, Vivica Aycox, Kim Isaac, Kathy Long, Sharron Pettiford, Rebecca Pettiford-Leonard, 
& many more relatives and Genealogy source and periodicals dating back from 1510 to the present.

This is the Pettiford Ancestry of Pettiford in Central and the North Eastern coastal 
areas of North Carolina and the Southeast corridor of 
Virginia dating back to 1732. These ancestors of these lineages are primarily of 
African -American and Native American origin. Although some Pettiford descendants of 
this family who were born or classified as "Mulatto" merged and assumed the identity 
of Anglo Americans better known as Caucasian Americans and migrated to areas such as 
Nash and Edgecombe Counties of NC, also area of Kentucky and Tennessee too.

There is additional family history documented here on 
The Bass, and Boston surnames and ancestry with English and Native American ancestry 
bloodlines which date back to 1520.

Please Read and Enjoy!!

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Please email any corrections, pictures or updates for the family tree database to:
 - Marrius Pettiford at or Bobbie Pettiford at

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Ancestors of Pettiford, Unknown
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.
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